Hi! Welcome to ACC Biz SVCS!

My name is Gordon Smith. I’m a business and marketing consultant by day and part time blogger by night. When I’m not in front of the computer, you can find me either in the kitchen making mouthwatering sandwiches or in the living room being a couch potato.

The worlds of business and marketing have always gone hand in hand and are intricately interwoven with each other that’s why I often call it a marriage between these two industries. You would never see a business that doesn’t involve any form of marketing and vice versa.

Business and marketing can both be a complex and daunting concept particularly for those who have not had sufficient training or education.

The great news is that with the vast information available in the worldwide web nowadays, one can now get the basic grasp of business and marketing knowledge without getting a proper training and educational background.

I created ACC Biz SVCS with the aim of helping other people who are interested in business and marketing to better understand the intricacies of these industries. I’ll present you with tips and tricks on business and marketing to help give you that much needed boost that you may be looking for.

So, how about it? Would you join me in a venture here at ACC Biz SVCS?